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Five Points of Connection

We shift people from denial and judgement into awareness and acknowledgement.

Many couples report after the birth of their first child there is little time to spend together, let alone pursuing their own leisure activities. On top of this strain, avoidance of difficult conversations become habitual, mutual support fades, little effort is made to have fun together and the sex disappears.

Using the 5 Points of Connection, couples can change the factors that maintain these unhelpful patterns. They're able to dive deeper and work on how these patterns were created in the first place. This is the best practice for preventing relapse.

5 Points of Connection is focused on changing the couples ability to create harmony by incorporating both therapists observation and the couples own internal process.



Creating an agreement to have each others back, to take responsibility for happiness.


Shifting focus away from blame by recognising what own behaviours are contributing to the feeling of unhappiness. Repairing old hurts.


Being vulnerable and talking about fears rather than focusing on the flaws of your partner.


Balancing the "me" within the "we" and having a sense of self within the couple. Being able to handle difference of opinion without forcing the other to agree.


Being able to support each other's personal goals as well as creating goals and rituals as a couple and a family.

We do this through a process of:

Explore Concerns

Identify Patterns

Understand Meaning

Consolidate New Beliefs

Strengthen Connection

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