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You're in a rough patch and you're just not sure if you can get out of it. You're having a hard time feeling connected, you don't feel understood and you're definitely feeling resentful.

More than half of couples report marital dissatisfaction within the first 3 years of their child’s life. So, when it comes to saving the relationship, the stakes are high for everyone in the family.

After the birth of their first child there is little time to spend together, let alone pursuing their own leisure activities. On top of this strain, avoidance of difficult conversations become habitual, mutual support fades, resentment builds, little effort is made to have fun together and the sex disappears.

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you've come to the right place.  Many couples in these situations come out stronger, more connected, and more in love than ever before. I know, this statement probably sounds a little unrealistic if you're having a tough time. It can happen, but it takes work.

You see we unwittingly set each other up for the best or the worst. We get stuck in patterns of interactions of miscommunication and assumptions. But the opposite is true too. We can create patterns of positive perspectives.

Using evidence based tools, couples can change the factors that maintain these unhelpful patterns. They're able to dive deeper and work on how these patterns were created in the first place.

This is the best practice for preventing relapse.

Whole Heart Relationships is focused on deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing your sense of connection.

We do this through education, evidence based tools, therapists observation and the couples own internal process.

5 Marriage Counselling Points of Connection

Copy of 5 points of connection


Attention nurtures the relationship and maintains the connection. Without it, we become stale and drift apart. 


Affection measures the temperature of the satisfaction and security of the relationships. Think of it like the emotional thermometer. 


Appreciation is twofold, it helps keep resentment at bay and creates positive regard for the other. 


Accountability enforces self-reflection and creates trust. It keeps us responsible for the role that we play in the health of the relationship. 


Agreement is a sense that all parts fit well together. Couples have a sense of being on the same page. 

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