Couple Time Cards

Want to reconnect with your partner and put some fun back into the relationship?

Reignite your spark

These cards really do have the power to strengthen the bond in your relationship through creating more conversation, closeness and laughter. Couples who have used these cards say they’ve learnt new things about their partner they never knew before – great for discovering and sharing on a whole range of topics.

  •  Regroup and balance the priorities from the monotony of work, life, errands and kids.


  •  Enjoy moments during the day when a smile creeps across your face, remembering the fun you’re having together.


  • Quickly turn the tables on feeling invisible.


  • Get “bothered” again with spoiling each other.


Couple Time is the perfect card game for couples, helping you deepen your connection with your partner and reignite that romantic spark. With 68 beautifully designed cards, each one consists of either a question or a task that has been specifically crafted to help you deepen your connection with your special person.


The perfect addition to date night or on your next romantic getaway, these fun and engaging cards will help you bring back the same curious excitement that you shared on your very first dates.

“My husband and I read two cards over dinner tonight and the conversation was tops!”

- Penny McNamee, star on Home and Away

Make It Your Couple Time, Anytime You Want

Whether you’re out for dinner on date night or are off on a romantic getaway, we’ve designed Couple Time to make it easy to play, no matter where you are.

All you have to do is whip out a card to start connecting with your partner, lighten up the conversations and to bring more love to your relationship.

They Loved Their Couple Time

“These cards are just beautiful and exactly what my relationship
needs right now. Honestly, I wish I had them years ago.”


“I just love your work and I couldn’t be happier with
the direction our relationship is now going in.”



So, Are You Ready To Make It Your Couple Time?