Couple Time Cards- The Couples Question Game

This Couples Question Game will help you Enhance Fun, Intimacy and Friendship.

Connection is the most important quality of your relationship.

Benefits of the Couple time Cards


Love requires us to tune into and really know each other. Yet couples generally don't listen very well or ask  the right questions that create an emotionally connected conversations.
With our Couple Time Cards you can create an opportunity for greater intimacy by asking questions that explore a deeper understanding of your partner.

Mood Booster

Having your partner's focus and attention leaves you feeling happy, boosts self-esteem and confidence

Improve Trust

Spend time getting to know each others inner worlds by opening up and having intimate conversations.


Become Visible Again

Feel that sense of being seen, heard and understood. As you and your partner engage in dynamic conversations
man and woman hugging with mustard colour jumper

Success relies on small consistent habits repeated over time.
With Couple Time Cards, we give you the key to enhancing positive interactions so your relationship can weather the storm of life.


Penny McNamee


"My husband and I read two cards over dinner tonight and the conversation was tops!"
- Penny McNamee, Star on Home and Away

"We've been so busy with the business and me and my girlfriend decided to plan a weekend away. She mentioned that we weren't talking as much. I came across the cards and I thought you know what, I'm going to give them a go. We played them and they were AMAZING!" - Alistair

"I spent hours and hours online looking for a really good date night idea when I came across the Couple Time Cards. We had so much fun sitting on the couch drinking some wine answering the questions."- Riannan

"With so many big things going on this year, I ordered the Couple Time Cards. What it reminded me and my husband to do, is just spend more time together doing the little things."- Belinda

"When my partner first brought home the Couple Time Cards, I first thought 'Oh my God am I really going to do this?' But I really enjoyed the experience!"- Luke