How Healthy is Your Relationship?

Get the passion back. Feel happy again.
Break the cycle of conflict.

Are you ready to stop the fights, rebuild the connection and create a whole lot more intimacy and joy in your relationship?

If you know it’s time to make some changes in your relationship - Intimacy Bootcamp is here to help you do it.

Does this sound familiar?

Your ever-increasing frustration with your partner is slowly starting to change how you see them.

You wish your partner would just listen to you for a change instead of always trying to solve problems for you.

Somehow this relationship has gone from the two of you being inseparable, sharing inside jokes and having constant great sex, to busy schedules, spending more and more time apart, and constantly fighting over who’s ‘right’.

You used to feel sexy, desirable and fun loving. These days you just feel frustrated, disappointed and always wanting more…

It’s time to get your relationship back on track
  • Bring the playfulness back into your relationship.
  • Relax knowing the bond you and your partner share is secure and strong.
  • Be delighted in how responsive and sensitive you are to each other’s needs.
  • Break the cycle of conflict once and for all and reconnect with the person you fell in love with.

Intimacy Bootcamp will help you
and your partner reconnect

If you’re ready to start feeling more connected, learn healthier ways of communicating and to finally break free from negative patterns – Intimacy Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to make those changes.

You’ll discover what’s really going on behind the constant fighting. Instead of feeling frustrated and laying blame you’ll start to see things in a whole new light because you’ll have a greater understanding of the way you relate as a couple.

What you'll learn in Intimacy Bootcamp


Why emotional connection is so important and how disconnection is the biggest relationship killer.

What your personal style of relating is and how that affects every aspect of your relationship.

How to identify your negative behaviour patterns and put a stop to them once and for all.

What your main triggers are and how to stay calm to avoid responding in a negative way.

How to break free from negative patterns, repair the old wounds and finally move on to healthier ways of interacting with your partner.

Ways to put more fun back into the relationship and create rituals that build emotional connection and intimacy.

Intimacy Bootcamp is for couples who:

Want to make lasting positive changes in their relationship.

Are willing to take accountability for their part of the dynamic.

Understand they will only get out what they put in.

Intimacy Bootcamp is not for those who:

Aren’t willing to create safety and security in the relationship.

Don’t have the time or desire for deep self-reflection.

Cant see the point of talking through issues in the relationship. 

About Julia Nowland:

I am a qualified relationship therapist who has been working with individuals, couples and families to build successful relationships since 2008.

Of the hundreds of couples I’ve helped over the years, I’ve found there’s one thing they all agree on;

As long as there is warmth, dependability and emotional connection in the relationship, we can handle the struggles.

Having worked with hundreds of couples to successfully rebuild relationships, but knowing that not all couples have the time, finances or location access to receive quality therapy, I decided to create Intimacy Bootcamp.

Creating an online program like this allows more people to access the benefits of relationship counselling at a much more affordable price.

But our issues go deep, how is a 6-week course going to change anything?

6 But our issues go deep, how is a 6-week course going to change anythingResearch shows that couples who are locked in negative patterns of behaviour have an 80% chance of divorce.

Don’t let your relationship become a statistic. This is your chance to gain insight into the topics many couple therapists discuss with their clients.

Intimacy Bootcamp has been developed to give you a quality therapy experience, just as you would receive if you came to see me in my office.

The course provides the same techniques I use with my clients and is delivered using the same process, but in a self-study format.

The really nice thing about Bootcamp is that you don’t have to rush to a session in your lunch break or after a long day at work, leaving the kids with a babysitter.

You and your partner can do it in the comfort of your own home when the kids are in bed, or on a lazy Sunday morning.

But the best part is you’ll have access to all of the materials forever, so you can re-do the course whenever you feel the need to create more intimacy and connection in your relationship.


Here’s what’s in store for you and your partner:

// Stronger connection

// Healthier ways of relating

// Fewer arguments

// More harmony and joy

Intimacy Bootcamp is an easy to follow online course that runs over 6 weeks. Each week you’ll receive an email with a short video from me on a relationship theme.

This is a program consisting of straight forward, evidence-based relationship advice for couples or individuals who want to improve the connection and intimacy in their relationship, but may not yet feel ready to commit to therapy.

You’ll do some self-reflection, as well as practical exercises that you can download as a pdf. The course has been designed so you can do it on your own, or together with your partner.

The program covers six themes:

Module One


Why our relationships are so important and the key to having a healthy one.


Module Two

Attachment Style

Uncover your personal attachment style, and learn just how it impacts your relationships.


Module Three

Negative Patterns

Identify your negative relationship patterns, recognise the underlying causes, and find out what you can do about it.


Module Four

Staying Calm

Learn effective strategies for calming yourself down in the heat of the moment and avoid saying things you’ll later regret.


Module Five

Repairing Ruptures

How to have those difficult conversations without ending up in a fight, my step-by-step process.


Module Six

Celebrating Us

Discover ways to celebrate your relationship through the power of rituals.


Frequently asked questions

What’s your relationship
worth to you?

You don’t have to feel unsatisfied, alone, hopeless, overwhelmed or confused in your relationship.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, then what’s the alternative? Purchasing this course is the first step in deciding that you are saying “no” to these feelings and “yes” to feeling valued, loved and connected.

For your one time investment of just $397 you’ll get lifetime access to all of the course materials plus email support from me if you need it during Bootcamp.

testimonial-symbol“Julia helped me with something that has troubled me for years, with just a few simple, kind words. She was able to take the complexity out of my worries, and put them in understandable terms that I could relate to my past, my present and my future. She was very gentle in her explanation and dissection of what I had been feeling and I felt very comfortable opening my heart to her. Thank you so much Julia for putting things in perspective for me, and for giving me the tools to move forward."

Mother, Curl Curl

testimonial-symbol“I learnt that strength comes from within and to stay strong to yourself.”

Female, 34 Manly

testimonial-symbol“All my friends and family have said I'm a lot calmer and I'm learning every time I come. ​I can honestly say it's been so rewarding more than other therapy I've been too”

Mother, 48 Seaforth