Start engaging and reconnect

These cards will help you reconnect and put some fun back into the relationship

Reignite your spark

And instantly connect on a deeper level.

“My husband and I read two cards over dinner tonight and the conversation was tops!”

- Penny McNamee, star on Home and Away

These fun and easy conversation cards will help you:

Reignite your spark and instantly connect on a deeper level

Create easy and engaging conversations - even if you have a reluctant partner

Bring more joy and fulfilment to your day-to-day life together

“I just love your work and I couldn’t be happier with
the direction our relationship is now going in.”

- Anon

Use these cards ANYTIME and ANYWHERE:

Over dinner or on date night

Your next romantic getaway whether it’s camping up the coast or on a hammock in Fiji

Spontaneously! While you’re lounging around the house drinking coffee

“These cards are just beautiful and exactly what my relationship
needs right now. Honestly, I wish I had them years ago.”

- Another Happy Customer

Perfect for all relationship phases:

In a new relationship? Create the solid foundation you dream of - together

Are things beginning to feel mundane or stagnant? Bring the excitement back

Have you started to drift apart? The perfect way to reconnect now

A PERFECT Gift For Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers Or Birthdays

Looking for a way to take your relationship to that “next level?”

TRUST – these conversation cards are based on proven techniques

CONVENIENT and ACCESSIBLE – make it easy to come together as a couple

FUN – even for the most reluctant partners


About the Author


Julia Nowland is a highly regarded and innovative relationship expert. Combining professional qualifications with a depth of knowledge based on almost a decade of experience, Julia helps families, couples, and individuals rebuild connections, strengthen relationships and resolve conflict.

She is a trained Family Systems therapist, a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, a sought after speaker, and creator of the I Am She Project, an online community for ordinary women overcoming extraordinary circumstances.


It is our hope that these cards bring you and your partner closer together by taking the time to talk, listen and most of all, laugh together.

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