Couple Time Cards

Play together. Create connection. Turn the intimacy up.


Couple Time Cards- The Couples Question Game

Our Couple Time Cards will help you do exactly that. This beautifully designed pack of 68 cards is intended to bring you and your partner closer together by creating an opportunity to spend time talking, listening, and most of all, enjoying time together!

It’s the perfect way to reignite that spark.

These cards really do have the power to strengthen the bond in your relationship through creating more conversation, closeness and laughter. Couples who have used these cards say they’ve learnt new things about their partner they never knew before – great for discovering and sharing on a whole range of topics.

When you purchase Couple Time Cards you get:

  • 68 beautifully designed high quality cards
  • A convenient box to keep the cards together when not in use
  • Instructions and suggestions on how to get the most out of the cards
  • A serious injection of fun and intimacy into your relationship!

There doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” with your relationship to use these cards, but a word of warning - they will turn the intimacy and connection right up!


About the Author


Julia Nowland is a highly regarded and innovative relationship expert. Combining professional qualifications with a depth of knowledge based on almost a decade of experience, Julia helps families, couples, and individuals rebuild connections, strengthen relationships and resolve conflict.

She is a trained Family Systems therapist, a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, a sought after speaker, and creator of the I Am She Project, an online community for ordinary women overcoming extraordinary circumstances.


About the Cards

Julia-Couple-Time-CardsCarving time out of your busy schedule will certainly help to bring you closer to your partner, but it takes more than simply being in their presence, or chatting about the weather, to create a deep and lasting connection.

Creating meaningful rituals is an essential part of any loving relationship. That’s why Couple Time Cards incorporates a mix of questions AND tasks.

The tasks have been specifically designed to support you and your partner in creating your own rituals to restore connection and bring you closer on a daily basis.

There are 38 questions and 29 tasks within the deck. Questions and tasks are made up of both light-hearted and serious themes.

Each and every card has been carefully curated based on professional counselling knowledge and experience. Some will have you doubled over belly laughing together, while others are designed to cut through the surface level stuff and see what’s happening underneath.

Either way, we encourage you and your partner to jump in and have fun with it!

It is our hope that these cards bring you and your partner closer together by taking the time to talk, listen and most of all, laugh together.

It is our hope that these cards bring you and your partner closer together by taking the time to talk, listen and most of all, laugh together.

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