Are you a counsellor, group facilitator or health care worker seeking professional mentoring?

As a qualified and experienced therapist, Julia can provide professional support and supervision for mental health care workers. Using reflective practice Julia works through the issues to reduce the emotional and psychological impacts that can sometimes arise for new therapists when dealing with particular cases or clients.

Who is it for?

Professional mentoring works in two ways.On the one hand, it protects the client by involving a second therapist as an impartial third party, greatly reducing the risk of any oversights. On the other hand, it gives the therapist an opportunity to reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, behavior and general approach towards their client, which ultimately provides more value for the client.

A therapist should seek professional mentoring if they are:

+ Feeling anxious or stressed about a client’s situation
+ Experiencing feelings of dread or frustration about a particular client
+ Unsure about professional boundaries
+ Feeling exhausted, irritable or numb

Professional mentoring and supervision is based on an alliance of mutual trust and confidentiality.

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