Love in the Age of Children.


Love in the Age of Children

Even for the happiest of couples, it's normal to experience a decrease in satisfaction with the birth of the first child.
Many couples with young children say they have little time, energy and money to make the effort.
This podcast showcases experts from different backgrounds to answer burning questions and giving tangible tips for couples to take the “meh” out of their relationship.

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Julia Nowland

Julia is a qualified relationship therapist with a curious mind and unwavering optimism. She's dedicated to helping you develop the relationships you deserve. From individual therapy and marriage counselling, online courses and couple kits, and now a podcast, she's here to help you revitalise your relationships, so that you can live a life filled with love and fulfillment.

Episode #1 - Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli

Today I sit down with Oscar to discuss what are some of the best tips for time poor parents to make sure they are actively listening to their partner and their partners world view.

Episode #4 - Sex in Conext with Emily Nagoski

Emily rolls up her sleeves and talks about the science behind why parents just aren't in the mood! And most importantly, what it takes to get in the mood. We also discuss a few myths along the way about hormones impacting desire, what arousal non concordance is and the surprising truth about spontaneous desire.

Episode #2- Who has the Energy?

Gabriela Rosa and I discuss the important factors that allow couples to successfully manage their energy during the postpartum period and beyond.

Episode #5 - Building Self-Control and Emotional Regulation in Children.

In this podcast Karen and I will discuss why self-control is so important, ways to strengthen this vital skill in children and how to acknowledge and develop our own as parents.

Episode #7 - R U OK Mate? Men and Their Friendships

According to the research, male bonding is more likely to lower a man's stress levels than a night out with his partner, or time spent with the family. Today, I talk with Graeme about men and their friendships.

Episode #3 - How to Organize your Time and Lifestyle

Chris and I discuss how time, relationships and money are the biggest commodities for couples with young children and Chris shares his philosophy on both time and lifestyle for couples.

Episode #6 - What do I do with my Stress?

It is my pleasure it create Part II of my interview with Emily Nagoski, where we tackle the stress response cycle and ways that you can complete it in order to live a more enriched life. We will also dive into what you can do to create an amazing date night for little to no expense! This all has to do with tuning into yourself and your partner.

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