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Relationship Counselling

A desire for love, connection and a true sense of belonging are at the very heart of why we seek relationships. Yet at the same time we fear, and sometimes avoid, being vulnerable with others in case it leads to rejection, disapproval and loneliness.

Despite the many rewarding aspects of relationships, building and maintaining happy and healthy connections with our family, partners and friends, can be tough.

I believe in having real conversations and providing space for people to talk openly and honestly about what is at the heart of the matter causing concern for them.


Whether you come to me for individual, couple or family counselling, you will:

+ Feel safe to talk freely without judgement or accusation

+ Identify what’s at the heart of the matter through collaborative conversations

+ Receive the personal time and attention that you need to unlock your true feelings about the situation, regardless of how many people are in the room

+ Heal past wounds that keep you stuck in negative cycles of behaviour

+ Learn new ways to cope, change or accept the complex issues that are occurring in your relationship


In short, you will finally feel heard and understood.

I am a qualified Family Systems therapist. This means I have specific training that helps me view the patterns of behaviour that have a negative impact on relationships. Working with one, a few or the whole family in the room, I take into consideration each person's unique story and help people change the way they view the problem.

Through self-awareness we increase self-esteem and connection.



The couples I work with are often in deep conflict, locked in patterns of negative behaviour and, for the most part, desperate to improve the quality of communication in their relationship or marriage.

They get caught in a ‘dance’, where one person craves more intimacy, while the other person, feeling overwhelmed, seeks more independence.

Without the right tools and awareness, the couple can become stuck, labelling the other and looking for ‘proof’ that backs up their theory. Jealousy, betrayal, and conflict can occur as the painful process of relationship-breakdown begins.

I work with couples (or individually if necessary) to give you the tools to help you identify the source of the problem so you can begin to repair the damage.



Parents, can you relate? Your sweet child – the one who couldn’t get enough kisses and cuddles – has suddenly morphed into an argumentative, tech-savvy, parent-avoiding stranger who not only shuns your efforts to connect but rolls their eyes at you at every opportunity. They may even have started using drugs and alcohol and you just can’t get through to them.

You feel utterly frustrated and helpless. But you don’t have to.

The period of adolescence can be a turbulent time in any family. As a young person builds their identity through separation and autonomy, they also need connection to their parents.

If the relationship between you and your child has ruptured, I can give you the tools you need to repair and create a safe haven for you both. 

“Julia helped me with something that has troubled me for years, with just a few simple, kind words.

She was able to take the complexity out of my worries, and put them in understandable terms that I could relate to my past, my present and my future. She was very gentle in her explanation and dissection of what I had been feeling and I felt very comfortable opening my heart to her. Thank you so much Julia for putting things in perspective for me, and for giving me the tools to move forward."

Mother, 43, Curl Curl

Other Ways We Can Work Together

Looking for an expert to present on drug and alcohol, adolescent behaviour or couple conflict at your next event?

As a qualified trainer and an experienced speaker, Julia leads targeted, productive and action-oriented workshops for groups of all sizes.

As a qualified and experienced therapist, Julia can provide professional support and supervision for mental health care workers.

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